Round diamonds are the ones that make up approximately 75% of all diamond purchases. Round brilliant cuts are preferred over fancy shapes as they have superior reflection of light which maximizes its potential for brightness.


First created in 1980, the princess cut is second in running in terms of popularity. This shape accentuates geometrical patterns and is often considered as the square version of the round cut. Its pointed corners and intricate facets spark brilliance and give any design a contemporary feel.


This shape is unique and has a large open table with fewer facets due to its deep step cuts. It is reflective of a classic and aristocratic elegance. Clarity becomes one of the most important characteristics with this shape due to its large open table.


The Asscher is nothing but a modified Emerald Diamond that comprises of a small rectangular table, high crown and deep pavilion. Experts describe the facets of an ideal cut Asscher to an endless hallway lined with reflective mirrors creating a fascinating optical illusion of ‘Hall of Mirrors’.


This elongated shaped diamond looks larger than the round diamond since it has a larger surface area. When used in a ring setting, its shape accentuates the length of the finger making them appear long and slender. It is known for its ability to maximize carat weight thereby giving the appearance of a much larger diamond.


Owing to their elongated round shape, these diamonds optimize carat weight by creating an illusion of greater size. An Oval shaped diamond resembles a marquise cut with curved edges and has a similar spark as that of the round shaped diamonds. This cut was invented in the early 1960’s. The Oval usually has 56 facets which display a visible “bow-tie”.The elliptical shape makes it a great alternative to the brilliant round cut diamond.


The Radiant shaped diamonds are a popular choice for its characteristic trimmed corners. The facets are cut into a pattern that gives this diamond the unique appearance of cracked ice. They are quite the head turners when set with round side diamonds or baguettes.


This glistening teardrop is a combination the oval and marquise cuts, making it an interesting choice of diamond of a multifaceted personality. If this is your choice, make sure it has excellent symmetry and polish.


A heart shaped diamond that weighs less than half a carat may not be a good choice as the shape becomes difficult to perceive in smaller sizes. Only skilled diamond cutters can fashion a shape this complex to bring out its brilliance.


With its soft romantic appeal, the Cushion’s refinement over the years has made it a popular choice among diamond buyers. These diamonds have larger facets and better dispersion of light.