A diamond’s cut grade is a mark of its light performance. The cut is prized as one of the defining characteristics that can express the beauty and sparkle of a diamond. It is probably the only quality that can be influenced to improve the brilliance and contribute to its appeal. The cut determines its ability to refract light and sparkle intensely. The artistry and workmanship determine how well the facets of the diamond interact with light to deliver the splendid return of light. The stone must be fashioned in exact proportions and symmetry to reflect its brilliance.

A brilliantly cut diamond can compensate for other factors such as Colour and Clarity. A poor cut, however, is something that allows most of the light to seep out the sides and bottom. Essentially, a 0.5 carat ideal cut diamond will call attention even in a crowded room but a poorly cut 1 Carat Diamond won’t make a statement when you notice it up close.

Cut grades are as follows:

Excellent Cut:
An Excellent cut reflects nearly all light that enters the diamond. An exquisite and rare cut.

Very Good Cut:
Reflects nearly as much light as the excellent cut, but for a lower price.

Good Cut:
Reflects most light that enters. Quite inexpensive compared to a very good cut.

Fair Cut:
Still a quality diamond, but a fair cut will not be as brilliant as a good cut.

Poor Cut:
Diamonds that are generally so deep and narrow or shallow and wide that most of the light seeps out from the sides and bottom.