Although Diamonds are the hardest known substance to man, once set in metal, they are quite vulnerable to chipping, breaking or dulling.

– It is important to keep diamonds away from detergents, bleaching agents, cosmetics and even skin oils to maintain their brilliance and lustre.
– Diamond jewellery may be used for everyday wear which exposes them to dirt, dust, perspiration and other environs. Over time, these materials may build up, dulling its sparkle and natural beauty.
– Our recommendation is to keep servicing your diamonds from reputed agents and ensure they are inspected every 6 months. In case of trauma or if your diamond has inadvertently hit a hard surface, you can contact us for further assistance.

– As they say, prevention is better than cure. Diamonds, due to their hardness, can scratch other diamonds and gems. Ensure your diamonds and other gemstones are carefully segregated in different cloth pouches.
– Avoid wearing diamond jewellery during rough work. Contact with household chemicals can damage its setting and it can also be chipped by a hard knock.
– Losing a precious diamond is worse than getting it chipped or scratched. When you get your diamond jewellery inspected, as the jeweller to check the setting of the rock, just to make sure the setting is secure.

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