The weight of the Diamond is described in terms of ‘Carat’ and 1 Carat weighs about 0.2 grams. One Carat is split into 100 points. A diamond of 50 points can be weighed as Half a Carat or 0.5 Carat. Although many deem Carat as a unit of size, it actually is a measure of its weight.

Though Carat weight is easy to determine, the value of two diamonds of the same weight may vary in its value due to its Colour, Cut and Clarity.

A diamond’s weight amounts to its rarity and as the weight increases, so does the price. Rare finds are always more expensive than the ones that are found in abundance. Over one million rough rocks must be mined to find a large enough stone that would yield a finished 1 Carat diamond. For the same reason, a single solitaire diamond of weight 1 Carat will always be expensive than a cluster of diamonds that weigh 1 Carat together.

Since, how big a diamond is or its carat weight is a quintessential factor in determining its price and value, many diamond cutters sacrifice brilliance to retain carat weight in order to maximize profit. However, poorly cut diamonds may turn out to be dull and lifeless.

If a 0.3 Carat diamond is what fits in your budget, try an elongated fancy shaped diamond-like Marquise, Pear or Oval which would appear larger than a round or princess cut diamond. Also, delicate and slender settings can make the centerpiece stand out and make the diamond more prominent. Larger and fuller designs can make the diamond look smaller.